Silverlake Los Feliz

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Silver Lake is a district east of Hollywood in the City of Los Angeles. Silver Lake is inhabited by a wide variety of ethnicities and socioeconomic groups, but it is best known as an eclectic gathering of the creative community. Since the 1990s it has become the center of the alternative rock scene in Los Angeles.

Los Feliz, also Rancho Los Feliz and Feliz Ranch, is a district of the City of Los Angeles. Feliz means "happy" in Spanish.

It lies north of East Hollywood and just south of the Santa Monica Mountains, at its feet, between the neighborhoods of Hollywood, and Silver Lake. It is home to Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory. It is traversed by Los Feliz Boulevard, which separates the wealthy upper class section, located in the hills north of "The Boulevard" (as the natives call it), and the more upper-middle and middle class abodes to the south.

The neighborhood has historically been home to movie stars, musicians, other glitterati, and the Hollywood elite. It is home to some of the more interesting residential architecture in the city, including two homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright: Ennis House and the Hollyhock House which is nestled inside the Barnsdall Art Park. During the 1950s, Los Feliz was also home to an energetic village that was flocked by its residents and also the rest of Los Angeles. There was a decline in popularity during the 1970s but the district was rediscovered by pioneering gays in the 1980s, and a decade-long period of gentrification resulted in Los Feliz regaining its popularity.